Shroud of Turin

Carbon Testing

Under Point 7 of this article, it points out that the advice to avoid the Middle Ages repaired area when picking a place to do Carbon-14 testing of the Shroud was not followed.  In other words, by picking the wrong sample, the results were skewed.

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Photographic Negative

This article asks the question….”Did the resurrection cause the body of Jesus to emit some kind of radiant energy, like light? The image on the cloth is essentially a photographic negative….”

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Here Are Facts & History About the Shroud of Turin

Facts and history about the Shroud of Turin

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3D model of Christ based on Shroud of Turin

Here is an article and images of a 3D model of Christ based on the Shroud of Turin.

It needs to be pointed out that when the carbon-14 testing was done, it was taken from a repaired part of the Shroud. The Shroud had been in a fire and repaired in the Middle Ages.

The question needs to be asked why no one can reproduce the Shroud if it is simply made from an artist.

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Full Length Negatives of the Shroud of Turin

Unknown author / Public domain

Full length negatives of the shroud of Turin

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